COmmunity Voices

Community contributions are not investigated or 'fact checked'. Perspectives are someone's reality. These realities are important to understand, listen to and address. These are the voices of concerned citizens that have been ignored for too long by the incumbents. These are the perspectives of our community and presented in their raw, unfiltered voice. If you would like your voice presented here, please do fill out the form below.

Angela Chapman

Advocating for mental health and a GREAT public education for ALL students motivates me as an individual, parent, and fundraising professional. The impact of the past 2 school years brought to light how 5 Northshore School Board Members mishandled the COVID crisis and unnecessarily harmed over 23,000 students and their families into untenable situations. My spouse and I work full-time, and we experienced this firsthand trying to support our 3 school aged kids, especially for our student in special education. Our experience is not unique. We saw many students, families, and teachers struggle unnecessarily because of the policy decisions that were being made by the Northshore School Board even after numerous attempts from parents, concerned residents, and upstanding community members to provide solutions.

Northshore students face significant challenges to recover from the 16+ months of online and hybrid school. Recovering academic, social, and emotional well-being is top priority. Repairing the trust of parents and the community is vital. It is going to take responsive leadership, stronger partnerships with the community and parent representation on the board to tackle these tough challenges without hindering students further.

The mission of the Students First PAC is to objectively educate voters on elections that impact our children and our future leaders. This starts by electing School Board Members that will represent Northshore students and families. Northshore needs School Board Members that will govern with transparency, provide access to decision making, and are held accountable to measurable results! Most importantly having a parent voice on the board with school-aged children in the district is critical! Skin in the game is essential, that’s why I support Students First and pro-student School Board candidates: Amy Felt, Chris Roberdeau and Elizabeth Crowley.

Katya Bautista

Why do I support PAC? Because I want changes. It is time for fresh ideas from new people. NSD needs board members that will finally hear the voices of concerned parents. NSD needs people who will bring transparency, who will not rephrase the answers to look good in front of voters.

I don't want to see how the school board members sing praises to each other during the meetings but barely admit that they fail somewhere. I want to see diverse voting, but not 5/0. NSD needs changes.


I am a father of 2 girls, the older one attends Fernwood elementary, Northshore district. Through these difficult times, how do we know the district does the best for our kids? This question becomes even more important on the verge of school board elections.

When the pandemic hit, I appreciated swift district measures to protect the community and continue education remotely to their best ability. I spotted red flags in September 2020 when 6 months into the pandemic, the district still could not figure out how to make remote learning convenient and, more importantly, secure. I learned later that it was about the time when an intruder broke into an unprotected zoom class in our district to showcast scenes of violence.

I volunteered for the district in a hope to bridge the gaps. It turned into wasted time without meaningful progress. I stepped back and cofounded, a project that actually helped people. Fast forward to spring 2021, while I’d put long night hours into Covidwa, the district would substitute scarce synchronous lessons with links to pre-recorded video (they called it “virtual field trip”). Our district was the last to reopen and provided bare minimum.

Why does it happen? Apparently all our school board members are endorsed and supported by unions. I am happy that teachers and administrations have a strong voice. But where is the parents' voice, I ask. Where are healthy debates and better solutions? I heard stories of parents going on rally or pulling kids from the district because the district could not provide any meaningful services for those families (mostly, families with special needs). I do not see how those voices are represented. I see quite relaxed district administration, lack of oversight and support for teachers (who set insecure zooms), and no feedback loops for kids and parents.

This is why I volunteer for Students First. I trust challengers Chris Roberdeau, Amy Felt and Elizabeth Crowley who are all parents of kids in the district schools (not the case for current board members!) Chris promises to bring accountability. I am ok to pay extra for technical leavy, but I expect something that just works, safely and reliably. Elizabeth works for Boeing IT security and I trust her more than any person I worked with in the district administration. Amy is a lawyer in real estate planning. When I doorbell and talk to neighbors, some of them happen to work with Amy and could not recommend her more.

This year revealed lots of hot topics in our society and in schools: vaccines, mask mandates, sex education, social justice. And every side portrays the other as a monster with a hidden agenda of who knows what. It does not help! We must put our students first! That means, providing all support for educators, ensuring safety, and yes, demanding results. All sides, including parents, should be present on the board.

Put the students first! Give voice to the parents! Visit our website and sites of candidates. Make your educated decision and vote. Your voice matters!


A young student in sixth grade at Skyview middle school shared with his neighbor that the teacher claimed that they could not find the American flag so they woudl instead say the Pledge of Allegiance to the pride flag. The student was left perplexed by the inappropriate substitute - THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PATRIOTISM AND THE AMERICAN FLAG! (Sep, 2021)

Trista O in Woodinville - NSD PARENT - VOTER AWARENESS

I am thankful to have strong men and women who are highly educated support me personally through the scary and intimidating school district/school board that is currently using fear tactics amongst other strategies to control the learning(s) of our children. Some , most (teachings) of which I am extremely opposed to. such things regarding sexual education, so called racial justice & equity (but so the opposite), and even some areas within social and emotional learning. Thankfully with the help of those men and woman who behind the scenes do all this work building forums, websites, educating voters without discrimination, they are TEACHING not training newbies such as myself to do research and get involved - to be informed and to vote. To know my place in EVERY election. To support and advocate for my kids. Voter awareness is so important. More so than I ever realized. The district can, has and will continue to sneak unpleasant things by me and by you if we don’t vote for what is right. For our kids. This is our school district not ‘theirs’. I hope more and more people reach out, ask questions, and VOTE. Vote out the incumbents - vote in Crowley, Roberdeau and Felt. (Sep, 2021)


I had no idea I could vote for board members representing the Woodinville district. And I had no clue it was the board that decided not to get the kids back to school.


My kids were miserable last year, I just want a solution that gets them re-engaged in school. Thank you for introducing Chris, Amy, and Elizabeth to us.


We have an out of control teachers' union. The greedy and self-interested teacher’s union dominates and controls NSD while the school board and superintendent do little to protect the interests and serve the needs of children and families. The union preferred no in-person instruction last year (2020-21). The superintendent agreed with an MOU at the beginning of the year that there wouldn’t be in-person instruction through the end of the school year and that any changes to the MOU would be subject to new bargaining. Fortunately, the governor’s emergency order forced a return to a minimum 30% in-person instruction in the spring. but at this point, NSD did only the bare minimum required by the governor’s emergency order (30% in person) while neighboring districts such as LWSD went back 4 days/week. Meanwhile, LWSD had been serving 500 special needs kids in person since fall while NSD had refused in-person instruction for sped students with the exception of ~25-30 severely affected students. (I believe this happened only because of a lawsuit by an attorney parent and the students received in person services by behavioral techs only, NOT teachers).

Susan A from Bothell - NSD PARENT - SEX ED CONTENT

The new Sex Ed curriculum encourages young impressionable children to think of their gender as fluid is unscientific and dangerous. Preys upon kids at vulnerable stages of their development...making irreversible changes (with or without parental consent) with hormones and surgery that they might regret later. Stop indoctrinating children!


Maybe the district thought that paying lip service to equity by adopting CRT-based social justice policies and curriculum would hide the terrible inequities that it has created and continues to propagate in NSD...At the same time as they are indoctrinating children with racist theories about white privilege and encouraging children of color to find countless ways to think of themselves as victims, NSD is doing its best to deny children a good education. Unless their families are rich, this has hit black, brown and Special Education kids particularly hard. The hypocrisy is absurd.