In Northshore School District, the impact of the past 18 months has brought to light just how important the actions, or lack of actions, are with just 5 Board Members governing the impacts for over 23,000 students, their families, all the staff, and the tax burden for over 94,000 district citizens. Instead of continuing to increase taxes, let's increase accountability and put in place a Board that truly governs with total transparency, ease of access to budgets and decisions, and is held accountable to measurable results. Let's put in a Board that actually HAVE children in the district!

Who all is in Northshore School District?

Northshore School District (NSD) serves approximately 23,000 children across the cities of Bothell, Brier, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Woodinville, and Snohomish area.

Why vote out the incumbents?

The incumbents have been in position for 12, 8 & 4 years. Voting unanimously to everything. Union demands have taken precedence over the needs of children. None of them currently have children in the district. None experienced the direct impact of their decisions on children and families. They are grossly out of touch.

Tough questions are completely void from Board meetings and agreeable complementing conversations dominate the agendas. Parents are left largely unanswered, frustrated and are now demanding change. This year we have 3 out of 5 Board seats up for election. The opportunity to elect change is NOW.

The opportunity to make a real difference is here: elect change and make a meaningful impact for ALL our students, please.

Not a parent (or interested in how much property tax you contribute)?

  • Of the 94,000 Voters, only ~15% are parents with children IN schools. 85% of voters may be less familiar with district issues and feel perhaps less impacted or 'able' to vote. All voters must vote.

  • Today 56% of our property taxes are funding NSD, in addition to COVID relief funds, and State and Federal taxes.

  • We pay a lot through various taxes and are just not getting an appropriate return on our mutual investment in our next generation of leaders. Our students and our teachers deserve better.

The numbers don't add up

  • The all-inclusive cost per student runs $18k per year. Well in excess of most private schools

  • Low income students find themselves with up to a 50% gap in academic achievement — simply unacceptable

  • As the ninth wealthiest district in the State we have the second highest paid Superintendent at $460k per year, yet only perform 16th in the State in overall academic achievement

  • Our students deserve more results

Special Needs Families left behind

  • Over 5000 SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN in our district have been LEFT BEHIND as a result of the school closures. Only 38 received in person services from March 2020-March 2021, and many still haven't received any recovery services!

  • 19.1% of students with disabilities DROPPED OUT of the FAILED SYSTEM when services were not delivered. Parents are moving, homeschooling, or finding different ways to meet their needs...yet still paying taxes to the district!

  • According to McKinsey & Company and the NWEA, LEARNING LOSS from school closures left students 4-5 MONTHS BEHIND on average, and students with disabilities, low income, and other disadvantaged students fared even worse!

  • 80% of students with MENTAL HEALTH and BEHAVIOR HEALTH disabilities rely on school-based services. District leaders pulled their services then IGNORED parents begging for help!

Teachers voices are silenced

Teachers grapple with the constraints and Union intimidation. Feel silenced or risk loss of their vocation. This is not right. It's time to put our district back in balance

Meet the Challengers

Elizabeth Crowley

Northshore Board Director Position #1

As a cyber security leader and elementary student mother, she has witnessed first hand the loss of joy for school. She is committed to reinstating a learning environment where children come first in every decision. She will focus on implementing secure infrastructure, and drive policy enhancements that foster a safe learning environment for all. Elizabeth's open honest and transparent approach will always focus on the students and not cave to negotiations or issues that conflict with her values and morals.

Learn more about Elizabeth

Elizabeth is running a fiscally conservative mini campaign ($5k max). Our support is necessary to get the message out to voters. The incumbent is backed financially by the Union. Please help us to get a truly non-partisan and non-union Board elected.

Chris Roberdeau

Northshore Board Director Position #4

As an engineering leader, Air Force vet, charity founder, father of 2 district students, and surrounded by teachers and union leaders in his family, he knows what effective performance looks like. Chris has been faced with numerous life and death decisions, including in his family. He knows how to manage through a crisis, is devoted to outcomes and providing children with college readiness that exceeds his daughter's experience.

Learn more about Chris

Chris is running a campaign to reach everyone of the 94k voters in the district. He wants you to know the issues and his stance. While he supports bonds & levies that are necessary, he questions the current Board's approval of spending and allocation of funds. His stance is to operate within our means focused on investments in the future of our children. Let's support fiscal responsibility!

Amy Felt

Northshore Board Director Position #5

As an estate planning attorney, small business owner, and mother of 5, she “zoom schooled” alongside NSD students and parents, watching them suffer academic, social, and emotional setbacks. Intervening for her own children was not enough - she is stepping up to do the same for all NSD students. As an assistant state attorney general, she acted as the child’s advocate and will do the same for all our NSD students. The Union has made a number of false allegations of late and Amy has responded with an open letter. She is formidable - just what we need!

Learn more about Amy

Amy is all about measurable outcomes. No more money unless the existing funding can be maximized efficiently with desired outcomes. No more extravagant spending and mediocre results. Let's work together now to get the district to a sustainable financial situation and academic success for ll.

You will vote for each position. VOTE FOR ALL 3 CANDIDATES

How do the challengers compare to incumbents?

What priorities do candidates pursue?

✅ All challengers are personally invested in the district's success, each with school-aged children currently enrolled in the district. Elizabeth Crowley, Chris Roberdeau, and Amy Felt put kids first!

❌ None of the incumbents have school-age children. They do not have experience with pandemic schooling or the damaging effects of their policies put into practice. They align themselves with partisan political organizations.

Returning to in person school?

Balanced approach, accounting for safety, mental health, and common sense. Amy Felt says: "I expect our administrators to follow the science regarding getting our kids back in the classroom."

NSD district was the last in the state to re-open and provided bare minimum hours while districts around us opened for four or more days.

Budget allocation

Chris says: "We need to ensure our funding is being used effectively toward the kids."

The district spent $25M of Tech Levy taxpayer dollars to educate teachers (with no public available justification or evidence of the spend), while only $1.8M on student devices. There is a clear divide between the 'rich' schools and the 'poor' schools. Resources and investments have been grossly inequitably distributed across the district.

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