Chris Roberdeau

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Occupation: Director of Program Management Office, Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems

Other Professional Experience: Air Force Officer; Senior Program Manager (Boeing)

Education: BS - Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Academy; MS - Systems Engineering, University of Southern California; MBA, Arizona State University

Community Service: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2004 - present); Puget Sound Engineering Council (2012 - 2018); Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Inc (2013 - present)

Statement (from his website):

The current school board is plagued by inaction, lack of transparency, refusal to listen to the community and failing to educate the kids and provide for their wellness. They blamed COVID, but it merely revealed their failures. Schools re-opened nationwide while we remained closed. Learning losses were dismissed, claiming ‘they didn’t learn as much as we hoped’ with no ‘summer recovery’ available.

Pandemic aside, systemic issues persist:

  • loyalty to special interests ignores parental authority and short/long term impact on student academic, social, and emotional needs;

  • extravagant spending despite schools in disrepair, and;

  • failing literacy programs

As taxpayers, 56% of our property taxes supply NSD, growing more than 10% each year under the current board. Superintendent compensation increased from $277K to $460Ktriple that of teacher salaries. Meanwhile, academic achievement stayed flat while low-income student scores declined.

This goes beyond returning our kids to the classroom full time. We need a school board that will:

  • create and implement a plan to accelerate learning and return our kids to grade level standards;

  • ensure opportunities are extended to ALL kids to safely participate in activities without barriers, and;

  • provide transparency on funding decisions and balance budget allocations. All the schools must be treated equitably with equitable access to technology and learning opportunities, including renovations and improvements.

As a District parent, I’m running because this needs to change. I bring my corporate and non-profit board member experience to hit the ground running and meet the challenge.

I will bring fiscal accountability and demand measurable results, working within our means and closing the social divide. I will provide teachers with appropriate training to deploy consistent curricula. No more tolerating ‘teach your truth’ directives. I will also require robust measurements to assess academic progress and ensure timely improvements.

As a recognized military, aerospace, and non-profit leader, I know effective and successful performance. I know how to make decisions and take actions that get results. In addition, coming from a family of teachers and union leaders, I know how to implement effective educational administration.

I’m endorsed by parents, teachers, students and union leaders and stand ready to lead and serve our district.

Creating our Kids’ Futures

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