Amy Felt

17530 214TH AVE NE


(425) 243-3005


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Occupation: Attorney - Felt Law Group, PLLC

Other Professional Experience: Of Counsel: Wong Fleming Attorneys at Law; Contract Attorney - Hosannah Law Group PLLC; Staff Attorney - DeMers & Gagnier Inc PS.

Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, University of Washington; Juris Doctorate, University of Idaho School of Law

Community Service: PTA Member; NYSA Soccer Coach; NYBA Basketball Coach; Youth Group Leader; Northshore Schools Foundation BackPacks For Kids


It’s time for action! We need to put students first and focus on education. I know Northshore schools. For nine years, I have been working in classrooms with students, in the PTA, organizing and event planning, and also coaching youth sports in the community. I love when schools work well for children. Northshore School District can do better for all our children. Too many children have been left behind. That’s why I'm running. As a parent of five in the district, I'm invested in the successful education of all children.

Last year was rough. Our children have suffered due to inaction and lack of creative solutioning. I have seen students succeed and struggle. Our children, families and community deserve a voice. I am that voice. I am a leader who is willing to listen and collaborate to solve problems. We must mend the divide between parents, teachers, administrators, and the union. I’ll bring:

  • proactive leadership,

  • transparent communications and

  • collaborative results.

We're a team!

Professionally, I'm an attorney, with experience in both state and municipal law. I recognize when schools are failing their primary mission, the education of our children. I expect more.

  • I expect our administrators to follow the science regarding getting our kids back in the classroom.

  • I expect honest and transparent communication from the school board and superintendent.

  • I expect teamwork between the school board, teachers, administrators, and parents to achieve the purpose of a school district: educating children.

  • I expect the district to employ data-driven strategies to get students back on track for educational success.

I will be an uncompromising vote for student success. I will do the research. I will listen to you, I will work with you, and I will work for you.

I tell my kids that anything worth doing takes effort. Our children are worth the effort.

Let’s make education priority #1. Students First. Vote Amy Felt.

*from primary election voter pamphlet statement and website