Elizabeth Crowley

Northshore Board Director Position #1

As a cyber security leader and elementary student mother, she has witnessed first hand the loss of joy for school. She is committed to reinstating a learning environment where children come first in every decision. She will focus on implementing secure infrastructure, and drive policy enhancements that foster a safe learning environment for all. She will not be a push over to special interest groups like unions.

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Elizabeth is running a fiscally conservative mini campaign ($5k max). Our support is necessary to get the message out to voters. The incumbent is backed financially by the Union. Please help us to get a truly non-partisan and non-union Board elected.

Chris Roberdeau

Northshore Board Director Position #4

As an engineering leader, Air Force vet, national charitable organization, father of 2 district students, and surrounded by teachers and unions leaders in his family, he knows what effective performance looks like. Chris has been faced with numerous life and death decisions, including in his family. He knows how to manage through a crisis, is devoted to outcomes and providing children with college readiness that exceeds his daughter's experience.

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Chris is running a campaign to reach everyone of the 94k voters in the district. He wants you to know the issues and his stance. While he supports bonds & levies that are necessary, he questions the current Board's approval of spending and allocation of funds. His stance is to operate within our means focused on investments in the future of our children. Let's support fiscal responsibility!

Amy Felt

Northshore Board Director Position #5

As an estate planning attorney, small business owner, and mother of 5, she “zoom schooled” alongside NSD students and parents, watching them suffer academic, social, and emotional setbacks. Intervening for her own children was not enough - she is stepping up to do the same for all NSD students. As an assistant state attorney general, she acted as the child’s advocate and will do the same for all our NSD students.

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Amy is all about measurable outcomes. No more money unless the existing funding can be maximized efficiently with desired outcomes. No more extravagant spending and mediocre results. Let's work together now to get the district to a sustainable financial situation and academic success for ll.